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Interested in Participating

Participants are carefully selected for each research study based upon the requirements provided by the pharmaceutical company or research organization funding the study. OtriMed recruiters and coordinators can assist you with the process to determine if you qualify. Call (859) 757-1359 or email info@otrimed.com
Business Development

OtriMed looks forward to working with Sponsors and CROs. Contact us to learn about our capabilities and business development opportunities. Call (859) 757-1359 to learn more or email info@otrimed.com
Welcome to our clinic!
Otrimed, a dedicated physician owned free standing clinical research center which was started with the only goal of identifying and brining high quality clinical research for benefiting the community that it serves. It is dedicated to conducting pioneering but safe clinical research in collaboration with the well-known drug corporations. We conduct all phases of clinical trials including device related trials. We are well versed with the protocol, inclusion criteria to identify only ideal subjects to minimize screen failure. The center is within one mile of a 480 bedded hospital and 7 miles away from the international airport. The clinical trial site is attached to Advanced Pain Treatment center, a busy physician’s office.
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